FAINA Follows the Sun in the New Collection.

Guided by the philosophy of live design, FAINA has stopped frequent production of items during 2020. Their collection will now be renewed twice a year — during the Winter and Summer solstice, days with powerful terrestrial and solar energy.

“Living design, like all living things, depends on the Sun. In FAINA, we go with the Sun and begin our new cycle with it. Solstice is about regrowth and renewal”, comments Victoria Yakusha, founder of FAINA.

As one of the oldest and strongest symbols, our ancestors were guided by the Sun, having built their lives around solar cycles. “We didn’t aim to invent anything new, but followed the Sun,” says Yakusha. “To follow the Sun means to follow your essence, true self. When we are in one flow with the living world, it creates a more balanced, quality life.”

FAINA’s latest collection includes a collection of floor lamps, a set of sconces, a pendant lamp, coffee tables and a bench, with the Sun acting as the leitmotif that unites all the objects.

Every item of the collection is “alive”. For example, the living tactile surface of SONIAH light is handcrafted with a technique used to build Ukrainian huts a long time ago. All lamps are made of unique organic material dubbed “ztista”, invented by FAINA and consisting of clay, paper, wooden chips and straw.