International Design Competition for the Central City Square of Rahovec

Municipality of Rahovec launches international design competition for the City Square of Rahovec, a competition of ideas aiming to design a new center square to promote urban regeneration for the city.

The International Design Competition for Central City Square of Rahovec is organized within the project Leading Urban Change in Rahovec through revitalization of the Central City Square. The project is funded by the Municipality of Rahovec and implemented with the technical support of UN-Habitat. The main purpose of the project is to promote urban regeneration and sustainable urban development as well as inclusive public space by exercising transparent and innovative methods of participatory planning and design for the Central City Square of Rahovec, a strategic part of the municipal territory.

The municipality of Rahovec is located in the western region of the country, covering an area of 275.89 km² and based on the last census of 2011, the municipality has a total population of 56,208 inhabitants. Rahovec has a good geographical position with a continental climate and is known for its vineyards and wines, developed agriculture, rich cultural and natural heritage, while the Central City Square aims to become a reference point for local and international tourism.

Through the international competition, the municipality of Rahovec aims to achieve a sustainable design solution of the Central City Square, which provides access to safe and healthy public spaces for all its citizens, in particular for women, children, the elderly and people with special needs. It also aims to create new business opportunities and increase the quality of urban life, in line with the New Urban Agenda and the Sustainable Development Agenda.

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1st Prize – 7000€
2nd Prize – 3000€
3rd Prize – 2000€
2 Honorable mentions – Recognition/ Certificate
Community Prize – Recognition/ Certificate

Registration and Submission Deadline:

16 November 2020 @Rahovec, Kosovo