A beach-like eatery is making waves in China

Several malls in China feature indoor artificial beaches – Chengdu’s New Century Global Centre, for example, houses a seaside resort within its 1.76 million sq-m. And yet the high-end King Glory Mall, in Shenzhen, recently opened a spot that might provide the same oasis-like feeling of a sandy coastline within the typology of an eatery: the new Gaga café-restaurant.

This member of the hospitality chain, designed by Coordination Asia, achieves that effect through the use of inspired materials. For example, the curves in the lamella ceiling made in bright white aluminium are reminiscent of a crashing wave; the colour palette is fittingly a spectrum of midnight blue, teal, aquamarine and several shades of green; the floor alternates between terrazzo and parquet flooring to achieve a sand-water visual analogy.

And just like a beach, the restaurant provides distinct seating options within its 400 sq-m: first, like a seaside club, the tables extend into the mall, so as to blur the boundaries between indoors and outdoors. There is a raised lounge area in the middle, flanked by low tables; other areas provide banquette-style seating, high tables and stools. Another space is set up with comfy sofas to provide a homely environment, while the communal tables enhance the friendly atmosphere. Throughout, adjustable LED lights are concealed inside the lamella ceiling.

So, even with the buzz of the nearby Shenzhen port and the hum of King Glory shoppers at close distance, inside this halcyon Gaga restaurant… well, life’s a beach.