Cinema transforms into luminous film sets

Forget everything you thought you knew about the cinema. Not long ago, in west Berlin, the Delphi Lux theater transformed their screening halls with innovative interiors, lighting effects, and fantastical colors.

The new 7 hall cinema has room for 600 moviegoers, in a project from the Berlin-based interior design studios Batek Architekten and Ester Bruzkus Architekten. The firm signs off not only on the hall interiors, but also the public spaces that connect them.

Each screening room was conceived as an autonomous world with clearly defined borders in a continuous dialogue with color. One screening room is clad in hand-painted wood tiles, while another interprets the backstage with a raw pine wood encasing. Inside, a deep red reminiscent of a David Lynch’s bold sets is illuminated by thin lines of LED lights that zip through the auditorium at right angles.

Another screening hall features thin RGB-LED lights: color changing strips of luminosity that seem to echo throughout the auditorium. The same illumination can be seen in the corridors of the cinema, lighting the way to each hall and into the main foyer, where soft pink upholstered seating gives a delicate touch to waiting area.

Along the corridors, each screening hall is highlighted with a number in LED lights with a unique color, while further down the way, the bar flaunts contemporary and geometric lines.