Future Center by DDON

The site can reach downtown Yangjiang via S365 Provincial Highway (approximately 25 minutes drive), Yangdong District via Shixing Road (approximately 15 minutes drive), Jiangcheng District via Yabai Line West (approximately 35 minutes by car), and seashore in the east. It has extremely convenient traffic conditions and natural landscapes.

At present, mature product assimilation and the lack of innovation and distinction in the market are regular phenomenons. We hope to fulfill basic requirements and improve the space to meet the ritual psychological needs of experiences. Therefore, they can feel the energy and emotion transmitted from the space, follow the coherence of the spirit, and no limit to form and style.Midea Future Center stands on the earth like an elf. The three-dimensional and ecological earth space brought by the overlap of light and shadow will bring you an unexpected artistic enjoyment, encounter and build up a future with an unlimited imagination.

With time changing, light and shadow emerge at the intersection of structure and material. Nature and architecture are both opposite and coexisting. The language of light in the design has a close relationship with people’s movements, like walking and staying.

The alien-like super-futuristic entrance, the sound of the flowing water draws people in to dance with the earth art. The pavement of light and shadow art creates a space as a shuttle to guide people step in the future. The perfect combination of alien art and modern geometric composition is modernity and futurism.The lines of light and shadow blend into the layers of stairs. The light guides the way forward.

This feature was originally published in mooool.com.