SUREN Leather Goods by Wonder Architects

SUREN leather goods are probably the first fashion related shops in Wudaokou. The Shopowner shopkeeper are ca couple graduated from Central Academy of arts and crafts, who are obsessed with making all kinds of things with leather. From the founding of SUREN in 1993 till now, it has always maintained the persistence and innocence of the craftsmen. When the owner, Mr. Mao, commissioned Wonder Architects, it is said that it was only because he watched a clip of our speech online.

The shop is located at the ground floor retails of a residential area in Wudaokou. Although it covers an area of 150 square meters, it is divided into three layers storeys. About a quarter of the space in the shop is stairs and corridors. Before the renovation, most customers were reluctant to go upstairs or downstairs, just circling around the entrance. So we simply push the real store front true facade of the store back into the interior of the building, So the stair and corridors become the extension to the city streets. and take the unavoidable stairs and corridors as the extension to the city streets.

After sorted out the product logic of SUREN leather goods, we find out the complicated thinking and personality setting among these products. Leather goods are like a person’s business card. They need to have the characteristics he or she wants to convey. When we are not close to the designer’s work site, a lot of design ingenuity is difficult to fully grasp. These ingenuity need ta way to express itself.

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