French Riviera – Beibei Food Center

SEATOPIA·Bright & Bay Food by Guchuang Design is a supporting property of Sino-Ocean Group. The 2,000 square meter building space accommodated an owner’s canteen and two themed restaurants.

SEATOPIA is a Coastal holiday complex developed by the Sino-Ocean Group in Beidaihe New District. It covers an area of ??3116 hectares and creates a perfect harmonious habitat for people, nature and city.Holiday houses surround the Bright & Bay Food, and the east side is adjacent to the “Sound from nature” Wetland Park. The base is not far from the beach, but hold an incredible panoramic view of the surrounding landscape.

The project responds to the theme of the building “Star of the Sea.” The design inspiration and landscape context come from the natural elements, including stars, the waves and the beach. They, here, are also considered as essential landscape elements. The environment organized well in a limited space is quiet and comfortable.

The landscape of Bright & Bay Food is built to respond to the building space. It brings a relaxed and elegant experience while still keeps interesting. The interactive springs in the “Starlight” Pool bring some surprises; the children’s playground surrounded by green trees produces vitality; the diverse landscape lighting visually emphasizes the theme atmosphere of “Starlight Coast.”

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