H House by 4M Group

With a growing reputation for celebrating the heritage of the Republic of Kosovo, 4M Group sought to reflect the cultural legacy and illustrate a renewed optimism in Pristina with the creation of H House. Demonstrating awareness of the dichotomy of Kosovo’s recent history, the client wanted a house where safety and security was paramount, but with open light filled interiors.

4M Group have explored what an appropriate design response might be in a small country recently ravaged by war and seeking to restore its strength, confidence and self-reliance. Inspiration was drawn from the traditional Albanian costume worn by men, the Fustanella, and the rhythmic way the fabric of the garment moves with the dancer at festive gatherings.

The construction has taken advantage of available trades and locally sourced building products, and recycled materials have been used where possible for concrete and masonry elements. As the climate is extreme with hot Mediterranean summers and winters which can bring deep cold and heavy snows, responsible energy use was a key consideration. Achieved through passive means, the house benefits both from the inertia that the heavily insulated construction provides, and from the ingress of winter sun through deeply recessed fenestration.

H house is located in an environment striving to find itself. The dynamism of the structure in such a prominent setting has become a symbol of confidence in the landscape.