Embassy Compound of the US in Prishtina

US Embassy in Prishtina is nearing its completion, therefore we would like to bring to you more from the inside, together with the perspective of commissioned architects, Davis Brody Bond, which played quite a role to this renewed architectural measure to America’s diplomatic presence in Kosova.

By creating a welcoming and technologically advanced design, the Embassy reflects the initiatives set forth in the U.S. Department of State’s Excellence initiative. The campus style configuration consolidates structures around an outdoor plaza. The Embassy, which accommodates 450 staff, is made up of several major elements: a 5-story office tower, a conference center/pavilion, and a Marine residence. A warehouse and workshop component is integrated into the building. The plaza serves as the focal point of the campus and is used for gatherings and special events. Parking for staff and visitors is also integrated into the landscape on terraced levels.

The site surrounding the compound is currently a mixed-use area with commercial, light industrial, retail, residential, office and government uses. The siting of the Embassy and its landscaped perimeter will help to establish the standards for future redevelopment of the adjacent parcels. The Embassy is situated to maximize the distant mountain views to the south, and eastern views of the center of Pristina; at the same time, it creates an urban edge tight to the developed north.

In addition to a geothermal system, other sustainability measures designed include an external sunshade system that is optimized to the building’s solar orientation and green roofs over the Marine residence and the warehouse. The campus is expected to be a “Net Zero Water” campus, balancing campus water demands with the supply generated on-site throughout a typical year thanks to recycling and roof and site rain water, efficient plumbing fixtures and usage within the building, efficient irrigation, and on-site treatment. These and other features are helping the project target a LEED gold rating.