Museum of natural history by Radoniqi & Dushi

We have been featuring different proposals for the Museum of Natural History competition including the proposal by G+A Architects and the winning proposal by Hidroing_DK. Also Fatlum Radoniqi and Visar Dushi, who came up as the second place winners of the competition (later after they were disqualified due to tender procedure errors) just shared with us their proposal for the competition.

Their proposal indented to characterize the nature and the view of the horizon towards the capital of Pristina, which was taken in consideration during the concept development of the project, trying to keep it as simple as possible giving more impact to the nature. The key part of the conceptual concept has been the immersion of large cube body partially underneath the ground in order to be empowered from the outside by the free field (part of the parcel given for design).

More on the project and further description by the authors, below.