Museum Of Natural History

Hidroing-DK has won the first prize in a local competition to design the new “Museum of Natural History” in Prishtina. Selected over many other proposals, the winning scheme by Hidroing-DK concept as described by the authors as a connection to the sky, with the creator, through the gallery where light penetrates into the interior of the hall, where the permanent exhibit is placed that is also the most important museum sector in which is expected to be exhibited over 880 exhibits”.

The other winning entries to this competition are Fatlum Radoniqi and Visar Dushi coming up as the second winner to the competition, while “North-West SHPK” & “ALB-Architect SHPK” as the third-place winner and G+A architects as the fourth-place winner in the contest.

According to the authorities the construction is expected to begin in 2018.