Ciao Berto showroom by Molos Group

From the architect. Inspired by the form of trees in the wood, this furniture company showroom, takes an artistic form, a sculpture on itself. Brown is a natural, down-to-earth neutral color. Since it is found mostly in wood, the facade represents it with a brown combined with a neutral taupe color. Since big windows are not preferred for furniture showrooms because the natural light might damage the materials, the wood’s tree concept facade serves at the same time as small thin windows, where small amounts of natural light can come in, and create beautiful forms inside. The irregular boxes brought out of the building’s body, not only make the form more attractive but also serve to create a small open gallery in the middle of the showroom, with windows on top.The inside box on the brown part of the object, serves as a place for a big monitor to be placed, which can be used for showing different advertisement and offers the company may want to show.The showroom has the most amazing sight at night, when the small tree silhouette windows, will reflect all the light and color from the inside.