Beginning from the solution of urban geometry through the simplicity of geometric forms to achieve the architectural complex by VIZARK & Bau Academy, which at the same time should ensure the functionality, reliability and the privacy of residents which actually constitute a building, a function, contemporary, but always taking in consideration the natural light which penetrates through the whole urban block.

Meanwhile it is thought that through different passages to create easier movements around all parts of the urban entity.

Facades are designed and materialized on a way that they can visually define the building according to the prior functions. The plan layout of the building is treated on pure forms and clear geometric shapes/volumes. The volumes of the entire neighborhood designed by VIZARK & Bau Academy are well aligned with each other to express their elegance and order shaping a well architectural vision. Materials intended for processing of the façades cover are a combination of differ contemporary materials, as the brown brick, structural glass and the colored façade placing enough attention to their combination, ignoring the exaggerating but still the well harmonization between the material use and the buildings purity.


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