The general idea of the project proposal by LSN & HAUS for the old bazaar is oriented in the historical and architectural facts of Prishtina’s earliest bazaars and bezistan, adding new ideas and modern spaces.

The bazaar space is organized to include 125 stores each owning an area of 25-40 m2. Moreover the stores are designed in different floors (ground floor, 1st and 2nd) in order of using the space rationally. The stores are grouped according to their function (crafts), which will make it easier for the customers to locate the needed shops. Designed according to standards and norms at force, the design studios have foreseen the usage of recycling materials such as stone, wood, lime preserving the traditional look without a high cost impact.

Starting from the south-western part which will be filled with jewelry shops to go further with tailors, silk shops and others. The central part of the bazaar is anticipated to be filled with coffee and tea shops, and also restaurants, on the other hand crossroad corners are foreseen for artists, blacksmiths and other craft shops.

The conceptual design offers an easy equal access for all users, including the ones with special needs. The proposal surpassed its limits by interpreting the urban patterns and volumes of the traditional Albanian houses and bazaars.

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