“OLD BAZAAR” Competition winner

The main idea of FERIZI+FERIZI architects, the winning entry of the “OLD BAZAAR” competition announced by the Municipality of Prishtina is to create an open, passable public space – a square that allows residents and visitors to enjoy all types of activities, especially the city’s Green market.

With the location close to the City Museum and Prishtina’s Big Mosque, situated in the historical zone of the city of Prishtina, the parcel of 86 acres is surrounded by three main streets and on the upper part by the city’s Green market.

The historical area of the square is reflected to the project proposal itself, enclosed by a combination of the old and modern on all the perimeter of the square, bringing a rationality by placing requested properties on the parcel which will provide natural movement on all the four sides, prioritizing consequently the green spaces by preserving existing greenery of the parcel.

Containing mostly local traditional crafts, the proposed design gives the space a surrounded shape, which helps the square improve its relationship with the neighborhood and especially at its most frequented end. The plan was to take advantage of this by freeing up this point as much as possible through rearranging the existing urban plan to implementing the new program of expanding the green market.