VETERNIK Complex by KONAK Construction

The project of  Veternik complex is designed by KONAK Construction which mainly targets individuals and groups looking for a living place with a higher quality environment and visually attractive. The Veternik project includes,  different indigenous buildings with multipurpose areas intersecting each other in forming a modern complex.

The Veternik complex offers a perfect living space for nature lovers. Surrounded with 7 meter high pine trees, viewing the city of Prishitna. The complex is designed to fit into the urban area and to fulfill the public urban conditions, by offering green areas, benches and playgrounds. The company believes that environmental resources and nature beauties have an important impact in the function of the complex, and through the project phases this part is carefully treated and maintained. The flats is distinguished in 3 types of apartments A, B and C to offer customers the opportunity to make the best choice.

The red gitter brick façade composed with the polystyrene one, fits beautifully with the surrounding buildings, which shows the high reliability of the KONAK Construction towards their neighbors and environment. The outside area of the complex shows enormous visual impact with the modern façade, window frames, and outdoor spaces. Functionality is shown in the standard design of entrances, parking areas, warehouses, water tanks and safety is provided with the security guards, surroundings walls, camera control and personal ID cards. On the other hand, the indoor spaces are designed to fulfill every need of its inhabitants.

Making individuals the centerpiece of the project, Konak’s goal is to design buildings which enrich life, raise quality and protect the environment. The Konak group is famous in the industry of construction and has finished successfully international projects as the Pierre Loti Touristic Complex, AKTASH Complex and EMSHIR Complex.

The company motto is “what you dream, we build”.