The idea of the design is based on decades of carpentry tradition of the Shehu family. The design started from sketches of wood stairs, rectangular forms into forming a structure with contemporary lines. The façade of the building is designed from recycled wood panels, formerly taken from euro-palettes, as a way of environmental protection, and the warehouse façade is formed of dark aluminum cladding. The façade is foreseen to meet the necessary isolation conditions. The windows with dark frames translate a contemporary view, besides offering enough light during the day, and an amazing view through the night.

Arber Shala founded “ARBERSHALA|ARCHITECTS” studio in 2004. As a very young and passionate architect, he worked in different jobs to gain professional experience and envision the necessary interventions in the architectural life-style of Kosovo. Therefore, in 2013 after a successful career he finally decided to focus at his own studio. Today they practice, contribute and focus in contemporary architecture toward geometric clearness, expressive forms and open space to all, including timeless materials which are carefully selected.

Arber quotes “Architecture is like a big puzzle and the Architect as a solver of the puzzle has to bring together all the pieces in a logical and creative way in order of achieving the desired outcome. The successful resolution of this puzzle can be a significant contribution to architecture”.