There is enough space in our lives to enrich with flowers and beautiful flower shops in the cities. The Municipality of Prishtina opened a competition for the best flower shop design and adjustment of the area behind the “Skenderbeu” statue opposite the Governments facility. Among all the competitors  “Alfa Product” was the winning team.

The shops offer a space where florist can sell and promote different kind of flowers and plants. The number of flower shops is six, placement of which is adapted with the location area planned for this destination.

The flower market will work during the whole year. The access to these stands is appropriate also for disabled people. The design of the shop is foreseen to work as an open and close space were flower shelves and benches are made of wood panels reinforced to the aluminum shop framework. The glass wall panels expose beautifully, and give plenty of sunlight to the flowers.

The shops will adorn the urban space and improve the surrounding ecosystem.