The Book Corner Project is an idea initiated by the Municipality of Prishtina as an open competition for all architects. This idea began as a need to increase the awareness of the public opinion about the value of books and to promote some Publishing Houses.

Prishtina, as a cultural and administrative center, with half of the economic activities concentrated in the city, has had a growth in population after the last war in 1999, and a lot of new neighborhoods have been build, increasing tremendously the number of inhabitants.With this in mind, the winning design studio “Studio 11” has expressed at best, what it means to perceive the limited space and make the best of it, by using quality materials and contemporary designs. The architect Besmir Hasi from “Studio 11” has fully engaged the purpose of the project, which is not only to raise interest on books, but also to enrich visually the spaces in the “Zahir Pajaziti” and “Nena Tereze” square, incorporating the facility with the surrounding environment.

The total number of Showcases/Corners is eights, placement of which is adapted to the area of the location planned. The design of the Book Corners, takes into consideration the functionality of the showcases during all seasons, creating thus a close area of  3.0m2.

The inner space is designed to share an area between the bookkeeper and book racks. Adjacent to the Book Corner, some flexible comfortable chairs are designed for pass by readers to enjoy reading. The external materials proposed are high quality, flexible and the patterns incorporate with the surrounding area. The designer has used modules with the same relation in height, width and length. The area of a book corner store is 2.8m x 1.4m.  The thermo-insulated walls are coated with laminated pine wood offering a warm and contemporary view while the floor is designed to be epoxy based material as the finish layer.

“Studio 11” has been awarded first prize with the representative architect Besmir Hasi. A new architectural studio, which deals with architectural competitions.