V.G. Construction Building

Studio ARCADIS have recently designed a new administrative Building for the city of Prishtina. Their project, “V.G. Construction Building” will be located south of the Prishtina city, in Veternik, an area set for the new development of the city.

More images and architects’ description after the break.

V.G. Construction building, is in Prishtina, which is the capital city of Kosovo, where the most part of state government is concentrated, courts, etc. And therefore the idea was to project an administrative building in this city. Location of the object it’s in New Prishtina close to the Palace of Justice.

The idea of building an administrative building next to the Palace of Justice has been welcomed by all, because it will help lawyers, notaries, insurance companies, and the population, so that they can be rational with time in the performance of their duties.

The object has a modern architecture, which it is intended that areas should be very functional, and this functionality to be in harmony with the exterior. In this object only 3 materials are used, a simple facade with white color, ventilated facade with panels and glass facade, but also in some parts they are used brisole to create shades in object, and in some parts perforated metal panel as modern shades.

The object has a basement and subterranean which is dedicated for personnel’s vehicles who work in this building and for the clients, then the ground floor which it has a bank, post office and insurance company, from 1 to 6th floor are offices for attorney and notary, meanwhile on the 7th floor which is the last one, is for the exhibition space and also have a big terrace so you can relax in a break time.