City’s library proposal by XL architects

Designed by XL Architects, their library proposal project is a model of a public library meant for neighborhood libraries. The library project proposed for “Dardania” neighborhood, a part of the city which has been developing dynamically for the past few years, especially due to large-scale property development that possess.

With the parcel destined from the municipality, the proposal for Prishtina’s newest library, designed by XL Architects, present a clever and pure univocal shape despite the great complexity of the given plot.

According to the architects nothing better symbolizes a library, than a bookshelf which inspired the architectural shape of the proposal adopted by the architects into their approach of using different color panels, creating thus the façade difference from closed to open. On this concept, a key role was also the environment impact of the scheduled construction of the library.

The plot which is surrounded by residential buildings built during different time periods, reflects a harmony to the complex, sharing similarities mainly in material and colors. Precisely the items have shaped the library palette of colors. Thus the library takes place in forms of modern materials by using colors to strengthen the senesce of belonging, by making it part of the whole “complex”.