Klan KOSOVA Television

“Klan KOSOVA Television” is one of the first examples of industrial building transformation in Kosovo (it was one a manufacturing plant for shock absorbers). It is seen as a model on raising people’s awareness in recycling and reusing materials.

The architectural concepts generated from reused and recycled materials consist of:

+ The reuse of building elements such as: chandeliers, radiators, valve handles and pipes originally used as manufacturing infrastructure. Desk holders and desk electricity are in the original position; pipes are also reused to make in-house designed radiators and are in general used as electricity’s and IT’s infrastructure.

+ The reuse of solid waste: bricks from the ruins of houses burned during the war in Kosovo were utilised; railway sleepers were recycled for the façade; an envelope made out of recycled boards, assembled in a natural parametric composition of different dimensions, create movement on the façade, through light and shadow.

These characteristics bring a dynamic design to architecture, representing an embodiment between the concepts of environmental and spiritual sustainability.


architects: ANARCH | location: Pristina, Kosova | project year:  2014 (built) | surface: 6672 m