Gjakova park third prize proposal

Along the cobblestone streets, the architectural ensemble of the Old Bazaar emphasizes the importance of the cultural and historical values knitted by the society of the city of Gjakova over the years. The planning stages in ways that support civic engagement and continue with the tradition across the modernization process remains as inevitable need for the society of this city.

Read on after the break Eliza HOXHA, Dafina SHLLAKU and Laura SHLLAKU design proposal and description.

Spirit of the place…

The central park in the city of Gjakova represents the city core linking old and new parts of this traditional city. City park of Gjakova with its physical and social dynamic represents the symbol of well-being, playing a central role as a space of civic interaction and public culture. The park of the city reflecting fragments from history, combined with the natural attributes is considered as a part of confession for the importance that this park carries for the citizens. The municipality of Gjakova set new requirements for this location, having as main request revitalization of the park and fountain redesign. This park will be a gathering point for the society of all ages, emphasizing also the importance of the cultural buildings around the park.

Greenery, function and tradition engaged as a new form

Respecting the context as the starting point, the design proposal evolved to a new phase having “time” as the main concept that derived from the continuity of historical and cultural timeline. The preservation of the existing trees and the creation of a new plan for the enrichment of the green layout of the park intending to emphasize the spirit of the site was one of the key points of the project proposal. Placement of new elements increasing the value of this public space will make it possible that the new designed fountain will gain the focus being as landmark of Gjakova’s Central Park. The reposition of the existing statues, urban furniture, the children’s playground and new plantings have a great role on increasing the value of experiencing the park. The park redesign project aims to maintain the existing pattern, invite the new, fulfill the set requirements and become the green civic center of the city.