ONUP Talks 2014 lectures

Exactly one year ago to this date we started the ONUP Talks series, where with the support of the Kosovar Ministry of Diaspora, we organized the symposium ONUP Talks 14: “Home or Abroad”, with diaspora professionals which have learned “habits” and “craft” from schools/places where they have professionally grown, which were invited to interpret their international projects and experiences, together with proposals given in the field of architecture and spatial planning in Kosova.

This two days symposium “Home and Abroad” of the diaspora impact on Kosovas architecture, proposed the idea of human capacity building in Kosovo by providing the space to architects and urbanists from the diaspora in order to share their way of thinking and conception, and by also forming channels for advocacy that are geared towards local authorities.

Learn more and check out below the awesome video lectures delivered by Fatlum Radoniqi, Besian Mehmeti (BMA Architects) from Macedonia, Lulzim Kabashi (Ivansin Kabasi Arhitekt) from Croatia, Ernest and Denis Ferizi of FERIZI+FERIZI Architects, Visar Geci of Innarch, and renowned artists Sislej Xhafa.