Correction to Gjakova’s Park…

As a follow up to our recent post Gjakova’s park Competition, it has been confirmed by one of the participants to the competition that the winners presented by our editorial are mistakenly shared.

Apart from the winning proposal awarded to URBAN PLUS, the collaboration of architects Eliza HOXHA, Dafina SHLLAKU and Laura SHLLAKU came up as the third prize, not second as presented on the previous article, while the second place is followed up by the collaboration of architects from Albania, Saimir Kristo, Migena Sula and Nevila Zaimi. Whereas the proposal by BMA + Tresi presented previously as the third place winner, is awarded a special mention.

With that being said, we apologize for the confusion and invite you to see all of the winning proposals in the upcoming articles. Thank you for your understanding!