Celesi architecture TV shows

“Celesi” TV show is an architecture TV show, produced by Eliza HOXHA, a Kosova-based architect and RTV21, a television broadcaster, as the only architecture TV series developed for Kosovan public that profiles local architecture scene, taking the viewer on an up-close and informative tour — not just of the building, but of the design process itself, from idea to reality.

Episode segments, bonus footage, and authors’ information about the series after the break.

“Celesi” is a 50 minute long series shown on RTV 21 on Sundays at 21:00.The show includes Eliza Hoxha as a host, a young architect that has a working space and at the end of the show they explain how to use the spaces that we present during the show, two stories made by our team especially for the topic and guests in studio. The guests represent their work and their projects while discussing the topics with Eliza Hoxha.

Its aim is to understand our living spaces, culture, infrastructure, environment, and healthy way of living and how to improve our way of living, not by imposing a certain way but giving options and giving a new perspective.

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