Villa 70 by MADEN Group

In a pocket of countryside between Mitrovica and Prishtina, lying in a small plot of no more than 200 square meters, the architects of the local firm MADEN Group, recently designed and built a 70 square meters vacation house.

Architects’ description and images, after the break.

Villa 70 is a small house that is located in the northern of Mitrovica. The main characteristic of it is the surface of area with only 70 square meters, which it also has taken the name as Villa 70.

This project presents a compact design where the entire object is treated as a minimalist space. Colorized of white facade except the entry that is emphasized with the blue color. Whereas in the middle of the front facades is appeared an vertical opening (window) light which highlights the verticality of the building, in the meantime the lateral facades are with clad windows of white metal mesh, melting through the façade. The whole villa is set up 20 cm from the ground which creates the ‘up in the air’ effect. The internal organization of villas is consisted by living room, kitchen, bathroom, bedroom and utility.