Spatial Emotions book

Akademia Evolucion Interior Design department is launching an international book with the title Spatial Emotions on March 2015.

It is aimed to reach variety of readers through the field of design, especially design students through English and Albanian speaking countries. Akademi Evolucion welcomes designers’ articles related in user experience of spatial design, but also unsolicited research reports, reviews, and letters relating to human experimental, policy-related and historical aspects of any behaviors in architectural space.

Authors wishing to reproduce material that has already been published, must request permission to do so from the relevant published at the earliest possible stage. Authors are themselves responsible for obtaining permission to reproduce copyright material from other sources.

Articles should be min3000 max.5000 words. This limit does not include references (in-text citations and reference list). They should present new concepts and theories or sufficient new finding to reach high enough priority for publication. Mainly articles or researches based on perception of architectural interior spaces but also emotional experiences and researches at architectural and virtual spaces are expected. We would also welcome submission of any related research article to spatial experimental psychology, perceptual mapping of urban space or landmarks. We are also interested in methodological papers or parts from doctorate thesis reporting important new developments in perceptional techniques that could lead to significant new insights.

The title should include Title / Author / Addresses / (additional information if needed such as institution etc.) and should normally contain not more than 150 characters (including spaces).

Articles should be written in Platino type and include a brief abstract leading to the article which is presented in a form as clear and understandable as possible to the non-specialist.

Authors who are interested in contribution one of the topics below may send the full papers to editorial team via not later than 23-02-2015.

We look forward to reading from academicians and professionals to be authors who are interested in the topic.