Out of three, none started!

Even though over one million Euros of this year’s budget were planned for capital investments on the field of architecture, the Municipality of Prishtina still hasn’t spent a dime on them in over a year.

The three major projects which were planned to begin this year, still remain as project proposals. Planned on this year’s financial budget, investments expected by the Municipality of Prishtina on the buildings like the Museum of Exodus, the City Theater and a Cultural Universal Hall are currently on hold.

Therefore they are to be deferred to next year cultural investments, while only the City Theatre project was included to next year’s budget plans. Of which project 250 thousand Euros were allocated without specifying an exact location for the building constructions. Meanwhile, for the construction of the Museum of Exodus, although envisaged to this year’s budget plan of which 400 thousand Euros were allocated, no project design has still begun.  The same destiny has encountered also the Cultural Universal Hall, for which project 385 thousand Euros are allocated and none plans provided, thus providing a dissatisfaction to the capital’s citizens.

We’ll keep you updated with the progress of the projects, and other information as they become available.