National Library celebrates 70 years

The architectural creature of the famous Croatian architect Andrija Mutnjakovic, celebrated yesterday its 7th decade birthday. Listed as one of the most unpleasant constructions ever build, our national pride stands high above the critics with its overall figure, reminding us of our past, sheltering many books and supporting ordinary readers with its data.

Although in difficult times of financial needs and within limited budget, it was the love for our language and literature that led to the creation of Prishtinas city icon. Named after the famous Albanian literature figure Pjeter Bogdani, this architectural building has tried to preserve and refresh our memories about Kosovo and its dismal past.

This building with its 73 small domes, zenith windows and shaped shouters, hides our past covered in paper and cardboard, ready to be unfolded by many readers. The institution is formed by many intern libraries starting from the library of contemporary art to the European one and as a place of culture, art and knowledge; it offers spaces for art galleries, publication, discussions and classical music concerts. At one entrance stands in carved wood the book of independence, while at the other one you can see imprinted many famous names of public figures, writers and others acquaintances which have helped the institution during years .

“We are gathered here to remember our past of the National Library of Kosovo and to celebrate the 70th anniversary of this temple of knowledge, foundations of which, I find in many of you gathered here” stated, Bedri Zymberaj director of this institution at an assembly meeting.

As it hosts more than 5 thousand students/ members with its book and study resources, the National Library has certainly turned into the “authentic national architectural expression” the author envisioned.