French to develop Brezovica ski resort

Since 2013 when the Government of Kosova initiated discussions with possible investors for an exclusive development of Brezovica’s ski resort, now this project of a national importance has ended its final stage. Among many consortiums proposals, including bidders of an Austrian-American consortium, Bulgarian-Austrian consortium, a Serbian consortium and a French consortium, the government of Kosovo has picked the French consortium as the best offer for Brezovica’s new developments.

Inter-ministerial Leading Committee with assistance of USAID professionals, have evaluated the offer of 410 million euros, by the French consortium led by MDP Consulting and PGI management, members firms of the world know operator Compagie des Alpes, a France-based holding company active in the tourism and leisure industry in Europe, as the best proposal for the development project of Brezovica’s Touristic Center.

These investments which will give Kosova a central role for the winter tourism in Balkans, will begin the first stage of the project, foreseen to last for 3 years, where 165 million euros will be invested, announced the project manager Azem Rexhaj. Thus not only offering job opportunities for civilians but also to construction companies which will be engaged in the construction project.

The project will develop in more than 100 kilometers of ski slopes and multi-use facilities at Brezovica. Transforming Kosova into a winter touristic center by constructing more than 35 kilometers of ski tracks, seven operative ski lifts, and other developments for summer tourism like the aqua park; moreover, this resort will open over 3,000 new job opportunities, of which 920 will be at the ski resort.

Photo credit: Snownjeri