Archaeology lights up our past

Newly archaeological discoveries have been found in an archaeological site in the village of Dresnik, Klina. These discoveries put light to an early civilization of Kosovo. Digging of over a year now, archaeologists have stumbled on two new rooms covered by colorful mosaics. This year diggings have also discovered a wall surrounding the ancient city, of 3.7m width. Furthermore there has been founding on the currencies used at that period. Coins found are thought to be of Roman Emperors of the III and IV century, within these discoveries there are also pieces of marble monuments and columns.

The archaeologists from the Archaeological Institute of Kosovo have considered the new discoveries to have found a “Dardan City” dating since the Roman Period. Last year a building was found containing four rooms, each unique containing different pattern of mosaic layers.

Memli Krasniqi the Minister of Culture, Youth and Sport during his latest visit at Dresnik, pronounced that as a Ministry they will support the Institute of Archeology on continuing diggings through the site of 30 hectares around the ancient city.

Masar Valla, the leading archaeologist of the site claimed that among other values, these discoveries have been a major contribution to the archeological science, announcing that it will take several years to unfold all the archaeological treasures hidden in this site.

As we write this article, archaeologists are working on further diggings providing new touristic venues on attracting international tourist incomes.

Images courtesy MCYS.