A square in honor of Ismail Qemali

Prishtina will have a new venue for its citizens, honoring the independence architect of Albanian Country, Ismail Qemali. Major of the Municipality of Prishtina, Shpend Ahmeti, has hosted today a delegation from Vlora, headed by the chief of the State Control and the former deputy, Bujar Lekaj.

Appraising maximally the figure of Ismail Qemali, when deeming him reformer of greatest proportions, as one of the greatest men in the history of our country, this kind of national cultural initiatives are to be followed and praised for their importance.

Shpend Ahmeti, Major of Prishtina, stated that the idea of doing something in common on both of the cities, Vlora and Prishtina, is an initiative brought from the city of Vlora proposing to put up the statue of Ismail Qemali in Prishtina. Whereas, on exchange we have proposed on erecting the statue of Hasan Prishtina in the city of Vlora. This kinds of establishments, on creating statues of this importance have their own symbolic importance, specially on creating new partnerships between “Albanian Municipalities”. Thus by stabling the statue of Ismail Qemali, we are symbolizing his important role on the independence of Albanians and his role on the development of Albanian Nation, ended Ahmeti.

Whereas Leskaj, chief of the State Control, pronounced that the establishment of Ismail Qemali’s statue, the founder of Albanian Country, is being raised with the financial aid of an intellectual-civil and business group from Vlora. The art-work of the renowned sculptor, Luan Mulliqi has been selected from many other proposals given.

This delegation was also accompanied by the ambassador of Albanian Embassy in Kosova, Qemajl Mixhozi. Where part of this delegation were also the head of “Ismail Qemali Association”, Bardhosh Gaçe, and other well-known intellectual/artists like Ago Nezha, Jorgo Kacani, Gezim Zilja, Nestor Jonuzi, Fatmir Braka, Gezim Tushi, Enver Memishaj, Mirush Kabashi, Petrit Golemi, Shkëlqim Gani.

Additional details of this conceptual project and proposal are to be unfolded on further meetings, between collaborators.