A contemporary obelisk in Gjakova

As professionals struggle to template modern monuments, Gjakova will soon have its first contemporary cenotaph proposed and designed by Maden Group, in the remembrance of Gjakovar soldiers who have sacrificed their lives for the nation.

This war memorial project expresses the path of so many young Gjakovar soldiers, who experienced a long and tiring road full of difficulties, obstacles, and blood-filled battles for a common purpose, the freedom of Kosovo!

The proposal by Maden Group has as a focal point, the ideal which served to develop the concept of expressing the road to freedom. Displayed with a red bloodlike ribbon in the form of geometrical figures which figuratively express the soldiers’ path. The ribbon stretches plain to the zero quote for a set distance and before meeting the freedom point they arise comradely and with courage to meet the eternity of sky.


Eternity path.

Road-ribbons are constructed in more than one roads, expressing the joint roads these young soldiers have endured, even though each of them has marked a solitude path. On top of every ribbon; light illumination rips the sky and symbolically expresses the enlightening of martyrs’ road. Whereas the secondary lightning installation is placed behind every rising ribbon, representing the freedom we enjoy today.

After the project is complete, the citizens of Gjakova will visit and enjoy the visual impact of the project and hopefully our fallen soldiers will remain forever in the heart of the city.