VIDEO: “Boro-Ramizi” Center


We’ve just stumbled upon this awesome video on a TV show made in 1975 by the local Television of Prishtina, showing the enthusiasm of the capital’s inhabitants, respectively employees of different companies for the construction of sports and recreation facilities, which then would be called Social Sports Center “Boro-Ramizi”.

About 40 years ago, in 1975, residents of Prishtina would come to a referendum to vote if they were in favor of building the Youth and Sports Centre “Boro-Ramiz”, where over 60 percent of the funds would be provided from their personal incomes.  Originally meant to be used a concert and sports hall, Boro Ramiz was constructed in the late 1970s in the Yugoslav “spirit” of brotherhood and unity. Named after the legendary partisan duo Boro Vukmirovic and Ramiz Sadiku who were eternalized in SFRJ memory as having fought off the fascists together in Serbo-Albanian brotherhood during the Second World War. They conveniently became the perfect deceitfully optimistic symbol, endorsing interethnic unity in Prishtina and Kosovo during Tito’s Yugoslavia.

In an area of 14 hectares, this multipurpose center as one of the only sports halls in Prishtina in use is partly in disrepair. However its stays firmly the icon landmark of the Kosova capital, as a nice example of Yugoslav-era city planning. The youth center currently hosts an assembly hall, disco, retail shops, concert and sports halls and a Pioneer’s center.