Ecoweek Prishtina 2014

As a non-governmental NGO with the mission to raise awareness on environmental issues and to promote the principles of sustainability, ECOWEEK organizes conferences and workshops across Europe that inspire and empower young architects to be active designers for the benefit of their communities.

Now for the first time since 2005 when it initially was established in Greece, ECOWEEK in cooperation with Municipality of Prishtina and Faculty of Civil Engineering and Architecture in University of Prishtina is taking place in Prishtina during October 12th – 19th, 2014. Attracting nearly 150 young architects, designers and architectural students from Kosova and abroad on developing ‘green’ ideas, sustainable design and ‘green’ buildings in Prishtina!

During this week participants will be attending lectures and work on workshop proposals aiming to address some architectural and urban challenges within the city of Prishtina. Participating together with the invited professionals such as Rusty Smith, Francoise-Helene Jourda, Thomas Doxiadis, Maciej Siuda & Rodrigo Garcia Gonzalez, MariaLuisa Palumbo, ProstoRož, Përparim Rama, Gëzim Paçarizi, Naser Kabashi, Ilir Gjinolli, Violeta Nushi, Maden Group and REC Kosovo.

On the purpose of presenting sustainable concepts designed during the workshops, which will further develop in cooperation with the municipality, we encourage anyone interested to apply until the 5th of October. The participants will also earn ECTS credits from ECOWEEK.

For further information and registration, please address to the official ECOWEEEK website.