Minimax CITY Complex

During the last decade, Prishtina experienced a big movement of population which had an influence on the increase of the urban area within the city center. Therefore this new apartment building complex is aimed for the inhabitants who would rather not want to live in the city center but still not far away from it.

Thus development of the Minimax City complex sits on a long, narrow site, along the MINIMAX Shopping Center next to the KFOR Base in Dragodan, a neighborhood in the periphery of Prishtina.

Aimed to bring a new trend of residential development, this complex designed by the well-known local practice LSN Architects, lies on an area of 7,100 m2 where 60% of the area is green space while the 40% of it frames the building’s footprint.

This complex is designed with purity of form and detail, with the functionality of a modern lifestyle and green living as their guiding principles. Providing all the services such as the future potential residents will be requiring, planning services as the fitness center, meeting rooms, cafés, restaurants and other social facilities all packed into this 30,000 m2 building framework.

Conceptualized and designed on four towers, the architects proposed to have the ground floor together with the first floor used for public activities like commercial activities and other disparate neighborhood services on about 8,500 m2, and the apartments above in an area of 22,000 m2. Responding cleverly to the increasing demand for diversity, giving each apartment a distinctive character, a unique position within the building, a specific shape and different sizes varying from 60 to 130 square meters.

More about the project can be found on the Minimax CITY official site.