Kosovar students, competition winners

The annual students competition “Society for all ages” organized by UN-HABITAT and ICCC (International Council for Caring Communities), have announced the winners of its 2014 edition. Among the winners of the principal awards of the competition, second entry winners were Kosovar students, Dafine Shllaku and Laura Shllaku, with their project proposal for the development of an integrated community.

This second prize winning proposal by Dafine and Laura, developed a solution, which integrate older persons into the fabric of the community and fully include them in all social, cultural, and productive activities.

Choosing Gjakova as the most appropriate city for this practical proposal, particularly due to its flat terrain and the city’s size, their proposal mixes the traditional elements of the city with a contemporary twist. With a feature of combining the spaces and its modern design, which all can be understood as a continuity of the traditional architecture of Gjakova.

We congratulate them, and hope that this project will encourage and inspire other young local architects and students to join their efforts in participating in other international competitions.