Model School by Urban Plus

Prishtina capital is starting to flow and projects keep up going, with once again Urban Plus on the spotlight. Bringing a big focus on reusable and adaptable structures with the Green School project, Urban Plus is yet again laying their ambition of creating a school that raises the level of educational facilities in Kosova, providing a beautiful environment for the cultivation of culture, knowledge, art and ethics.

We recently paid a visit to the site of the Model School designed by Urban Plus, a school that livens up the gray area of Northern Prishtina. Build by NNP Standard and supervised in cooperation with the design firm, this complex which is nearing completion will host a primary school and a day care center.

Model School by Urban Plus

The building has a linear organization, with the main entrance organized around an atrium which receivers natural light from the inner yard. The classrooms are arranged along one side of a corridor, having a direct access on the ground floor to the inner courtyard for outdoor activities. The volume combines geometrical plainness with a variety of colors and materials, creating a variety of pleasant spaces. And as the most important principle of sustainable comfort are the rhythmically divided windows running on the perimeter of the building, penetrating natural light into every corner of the building.

Striving for a unique design, the architects from Urban Plus have succeeded in integrating passive and active “green” principles. Providing a combination of green roof with solar panels situated at the roof top, which complete the efficiency on this building.

Further construction site images, including drawings and renderings below.