Green Habitat by Maden Group

Another project commended by the young architects at Maden Group, reflecting the idea of creating a high standard residential and recreational building with a green character, providing thus qualitative and innovative values to the urban life.

As a whole, the building is 2B+P+12 and includes 21,820 square meters, shaped through sustainable development and modern projecting, and divided into two separate units: that of living and that of common spaces. Architects’ description and more images after the break.

Green Habitat is designed in order to reduce its influence on people`s health and environment through management of energy, general organization and materials during the designing, building, operating and maintenance. This building promotes a healthy life, a perfect residential community, and constitutes of an ecologic habitat where the focus falls on the welfare of the human factor. With modern concept of living, Green Habitat is located away from the noise and environmental pollution. As such, efforts were made that every detail of this building be given maximum attention, which contributes to increasing comfort and creates healthy environment for people that live and work here.

Exterior render

Green Habitat is a sustainable building, designed and planned to minimize totally environment impacts in the surrounding community. To achieve this efforts were made to plan for using of solar energy through photovoltaic façade in south and this kind of energy to use for public spaces, operation of elevators and maintenance facility (during cleaning or construction works). Except this, the building planned to have central geothermal system for warming and ventilation, covered and safe parking for motor vehicles (motorbike and bicycles). Public transport makes the building more accessible because locate only 5.2 kilometers away from the center of Prishtina.

Recreational areas

The residential part is divided in two blocks, that of North and South. These living units has access in building from green patio in the East through two dedicated cores for them, and two floors underground containing abundant parking for building residents. Set between 1-6 and 8-11 floors, apartments are different types: one-room, two-rooms, three-rooms, duplex and penthouse.

For more comfortable life are created ample common spaces, which consist of the market and shops in ground floor, mezzanine in 7th floor, recreation in 12th floor and the restaurant in the top (13th) floor. Ground floor contains the market and 4 exclusive local businesses and terrace along the perimeter of the entire building. Mezzanine contains administrative offices, facility and info desk, fitness center, kindergarten, library, bar with terrace, mini cinema, table-pool area and the green terrace. Recreation floor offers exclusive areas of golf with all modern accessories, running trails of high quality, and a lot of parks and ponds that create a perfect habitat for a better healthy life. And finally, the restaurant which hosts views from the terrace of highest floor. All of the common areas have access through a dedicated elevator for them and which stops only in those spaces (ground floor, 7th floor and 12th floor). There is a parking lot on the western side from the street and another close to the building for convenience of residents and guests for these spaces.