Dynamic City Prishtina

Taking place at the Kosovo’s National Museum in Prishtina, on Sunday 10th of November starting from 18:00, Archis Intervention_Prishtina will be presenting their workshop works of the theme “Dynamic City Prishtina”. As a collaboration of Archis Interventions, SEE, Kai Vöckler / Archis Interventions, Prishtina, Florina Jerliu, Visar Geci, Vlora Navakazi and Wilfried Hackenbroich. The exhibition reflects typologies facilitating exchanges and relationships among youth, history, national identity, education, and economy.

This initiative aim is developing a strategic concept that would enable educational and training institutions to play a more active role in the city’s future urban development. Additionally, as the capital of Kosovo, Prishtina stands for national identity and history, important aspects essential to future development.

RSVP at the Facebook event page.