The voice of majority!

Yesterday, July 4th, the Architects Association of Kosova held an emergency meeting at the amphitheater of the Ministry of Environment and Spatial Planning of Kosova. This meeting was called in Prishtina upon the disapointment that a large number of architects, engineers and planners had on the 2011-2014 leadership of this association. According to them, besides the fact that this association has collected membership money each and every year, there hasnt been one single activity organized by them since late 2011, not even membership confirmations via emial or mail (association’s website confirms these allegations).

Raged by the association’s poor leadership and their failure to provide an environment for professionals where they would advance via seminars and lectures, more than 110 members that were present on this emergency meeting unanimously voted on discharging the current leadership and selecting a new one. The new leadership’s program consists of preparing all necessary documentation and structure to conform with the NGO (Non-Governmental Organisation) laws, while also adjusting and preparing its old statute for voting on the next meeting. Also, this leadership’s duties include creating a committe for coordinating the process of licensing of architects and engineers with the MESP, a process which has started months ago when minister Dardan Gashi and former head of AAsK Valdet Osmani signed a memorandum.