Raiffeisen Bank Headquarters?

A few years ago, we featured Treuscher architecture practice proposal for the new headquarters of Raiffeisen Bank. Now, we are here with another HQ proposal, this time by kub-a, another Austrian practice architecture proposal of whatever this mysterious project may be! Sited in Hemshir the district of new high-rises, the project site is at the cross-section of Tirana and Kosta Novakoviq Street.

More images and architects’ description after the break.


The new building is located at the corner of Tirana, and Kosta-road and forms a new landmark for the area. The main development proceeds in the form of a promenade along the street, while between the two buildings, a semi-public courtyard forms of a passage on the north-eastern side is additionally accessible.

The office and residential buildings are interrelated and form a dialogue through the different facades: translucent and opaque. The clear, readable form of language focuses on the functionality in the foreground.

The vertical extension of scaling is possible without interfering with the architecture of the buildings. The outline of the building like his plan and thus allows the most flexibility of use.

Images courtesy of kub-a.at and marclorenz.com