Prishtina Architecture Week: Day 3

The third day of Prishtina Architecture Week followed with a rich programme including exhibitions and lectures. Today’s event started off with workshops in the morning, following through different exhibitions and a presentation by Kosovo Architecture Association.

Topmost of today’s event were the lectures held by well-known international architects: Aaron Levy, Boštjan Vuga from Slovenian practice Sadar+Vuga and Enric Ruiz-Geli.

Series of lectures started with Aaron Levy, the founder of Slought Foundation, a non-profit organization based in Philadelphia. During his lecture he unfolded some of his projects he did with Slought, explaining as a “social relationship” rather than something physical.

Part of tonight’s lecture series was a lecture by Boštjan Vuga, co-founder of Slovenian practice Sadar+Vuga. Boštjan presented different projects that his practice did to the enthusiastic audience. Part of his presentation, was the design of his practice for the Central Mosque of Prishtina where he showed more details regarding their proposal, which the audience didn’t have the chance to know before.

Third day of Prishtina Architecture Week ended with a lecture by the Catalan architect Enric Ruiz-Geli. Mr. Ruiz-Geli gave an insight of his interesting works including Media-Tic and Villa Nurbs in Catalonia.

Tomorrow, Prishtina Architecture Week will continue with more exhibitions, workshops, screening and lectures at the Modelarium of FCAE Department of Architecture

As till now, ONUP will keep you updated with the latest from Prishtina Architecture Week as well as with most recent architecture news from Kosovo. Keep up with ONUP!