Besa Group HQ by archlab

Besa Group HQ and apartments tower, designed by the young local architects of archlab, is an under construction project  planned to be finished with the end of this year.

Situated in Prishtina, in Kalabria district, this ten storey (G+9) building is a mixed-use building which will house Besa Group HQ offices and residential apartments on the above floors. The area where the building is situated borders Dardania, a highly inhabited district in Prishtina, where the tangent street to the block “Lidhja e Pejës” plays a strategic importance by connecting two different areas of the city. On the other hand, the block targeted by the project is dense, comprising mostly of residential buildings and apartments which have been built recently.


The building consists of two volumes which houses two different functions: the ground floor and three floors are dedicated to the offices, whereas six other floors are used for apartments which provide unique views to the city of Prishtina.

Offices that face the main road, are made of transparent glass merging the inner space into the surrounding. Inside the building, offices are spacious with a high ceiling and full of daylight. Majority of floors feature apartmenta. Floors consist of two apartments and the layouts of apartments are the same which include: living area with kitchen, three bedroom, bathrooms, toilet and depot.


As with most buildings built in Kosovo, the structure of Besa Group HQ is of reinforced concrete which is based on system of slabs with load-bearing pillars, and a central concrete core containing the lift.