RIERA Residential Complex by LESNA

Located close to the new roundabout that is being built in the direction of the road exiting Prishtina towards Skopje, the RIERA complex is the latest project by Lesna Construction to join a busy under construction area of capital of Kosovo.

The complex is separated in four individual buildings comprehended by a frontal façade inspired by blocks of concrete and other materials and in different colors, while even though separated, the buildings will still be connected in different floors through ramps and stairs. The first floors will be dedicated for commercial usage, while the other floors are designed to be used as apartments.

Since this is a busy area of different residential and commercial buildings, the company has been advised to separate the building into four pieces and in a arch span in order to give more space for natural light to go through this complex and onto the other neighboring buildings. Most of the rooms located in the eastern part will a view towards the busy road where most of the cars exit Prishtina, while the western rooms will have a calmer view, but towards a busy developing area of residential apartments.

RIERA Complex has a of over 37,820.0 square meters and while details on when it will be finished are lacking, based on the construction advancements the complex should be finished next year.