Gjakova University Campus Entry

The proposal submitted by Dafina Muriqi, Shpat Pozhegu and Besmir Hasi is one of the total two submissions for the “Campus Design Competition of the University of Gjakova”. Although the competition was cancelled in absence of more than three participants, the proposal of these young architects deserves to be part of our website architectural proposals. More details about the project, after the break…

The project was initiated in 2011 altering the former demolished bazaar to an education center. The location of the site was an important challenge for the architects on producing an interaction between education, culture and the public. The proposal brought by these young professionals, provides a very clear functionality structure, defining the public and private paths with the buildings developed around them.

Campus exterior rendering.

Campus exterior rendering.

The different functions provided, such as the premises for the Faculties of Education, Philology, Natural Sciences, Social Sciences, Arts and the other buildings like the library, dormitories, and an amphitheater yield a contextual approach of this campus proposal, integrating physically, culturally, and historically with Gjakova’s  urban tissue.

The project combines geometrical forms with a variety of colors and materials. Volumes and surfaces are combined, providing visitors with dynamic perspectives of the different vibrant areas within the complex. The central building is divided on three main blocks composites, which with its warm and glazing façade tones creates a functional and visual connection with the surrounding premises of the campus.

Despite being young architects this is an impressive competition entry, which we hope will encourage other young architects to express their ideas and skills on different architectural competitions.

Campus exterior rendering. Campus exterior rendering. Campus exterior rendering.

Campus exterior rendering. Campus exterior rendering. Site diagram.