Central Mosque – Competition Winners

The winners of the international design competition for the Central Mosque of Prishtina were recently announced by the organizer, the Islamic Community of the Republic of Kosova. The competition had invited freelancers from around the world to design a place of worship, a place of multidimensional functions, a landmark of Kosova.

The announced results for the CMPR design competition draws with NO first place winner!

After carefully conducted evaluation of 81 submissions received by freelance and architecture practices from around the world, the Jury have anonymously awarded two second prizes to entries with codes 21PR22 and 1025AC, and the third prize to the entry with code 487DH.

Concluding that no any entry was meritorious to be awarded with the first prize, the second prize entry authors are invited to improve their design proposals in one month period. After which, the jury will select a design which will go further into a design implementation phase.

21PR22 1025AC 487DH