Peja Bazaar proposal by Prima&Rebus

The proposal submitted by PRIMA Engineering in collaboration with REBUS from Tirana for revisioning the Peja City, was among the the four finalists entries of the Peja Bazaar Competition. The aim of this competition proposal was to create a new type of the Traditional Albanian Bazaar’s, with a more sustainable approach.

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The relationship between the green and built environment has been always problematic within the urban structure. The proposed site affront us with the dilemma, which components has not found yet the opportune relationship for establishing the necessary balances for a sustainable co-existence. The project proposes the establishing of a sustainable relationship between the proposed program, green spaces and a vibrant urban space rich with the qualities of historical centers, full of pedestrian movement seen in specific focus of city of Peja. The study area deserves special attention and a sustainable proposal. A sustainable project is more than a calculated space arrangement fulfilling human needs. Such a project means to create a real balance between the used resources and outcome results. This balance may be achieved through a careful planning process based in the local tradition and the unique identity of the site. During the designing process, through careful analysis our intention has been to dissolve, understand and enlighten the real values of the city of Peja and the specific site. In this context we have seen the site as very strategically positioned, as a attraction point and as an authentic symbol of the city. Seen as a living organism we designed in the heart of the structure the inner square giving to the complex not only light and breathing but also an intensive pedestrian movement, assuring a vibrant urban life a very characteristic of the Albanian Traditional Markets.


The project is rigorously based in the Master Plan of the city of Peja respecting all the data and characteristics defined by it for the specific area under study. Respecting the proposed program by authorities. It fulfill rigorously the specific request for every shop with concerns to building area, independent accessibility for every unit and the quality of inner space.

The complex is seen as a larger entity with the possibility for continuous circulation and communication between different pedestrian spaces. The complex is seen as a unique and progressive space assuring maximum level of interaction and communication, while leaving open the possibilities for exploration and exploitation of commercial assets and surrounding landscape.

The modularity and discreet division of the linear facades is mainly referred to the urban structures of the Albanian Traditional Markets, which is a spontaneous structure dictated by historical evolution and financial capacity. The shape and the modularity of the façade openings follow the tradition of the city of Peja. The sustainability of the proposal is based in six factors: 1-The scale of the proposal, 2-The use of natural materials found in the area, 3-High level of flexibility not only in functional terms but also is aesthetic aspect, 4-Application of green terraces, 5-Vibrant pedestrian accessibility and atmosphere, 6-Natural connectivity with other area along the river.

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