AlbaniaNOW exhibit

AlbaniaNOW is an international exhibition organized by makeLAB in cooperation with Lawrence Tech and Polis University, challenging all Albanian architects, artists, designers of all Albanian regions to provide projects that represent the best of Albanian art and design, for the exhibition work which will be hosted in Detroit, US on the fall of 2013.

More information on the exhibition after the break.

Albania-NOW is an international juried exhibition to be held in Detroit, Michigan, USA planned for the fall of 2013. The exhibit will display the best of Albanian architecture, urban design and art that is emerging today from this evolving region. The exhibit will be open to all Albanian designers, architects and artists living and working in Albania, Kosovo, Macedonia and other nations in the Balkans.

The AlbaniaNOW exhibition will begin receiving digital submissions via its website on April 1, 2013 and will continue to accept projects until Aug 1, 2013.  The work will be juried and exhibited at the Studio Couture gallery in Detroit, Michigan, USA.  Concurrent with the exhibit opening, Dr. Besnik Aliaj, Dean of POLIS University in Tirana, Albania, will conduct a lecture at Lawrence Technological University on his current research in urban design and planning.  The work presented in the exhibit will be published for distribution.

For more information on the event, please visit their official website here.